As a graduate student I had a variety of teaching experiences at the secondary and post-secondary level.  I have taught mathematics courses in high school and college, and I have worked in mathematics teacher education.

Mathematics Teacher Education

During the Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013 I worked as a research assistant on a grant awarded from the Provost's office at the University of Illinois to Professors Adam Poetzel and Gloriana González.  The project was designed to improve secondary mathematics methods courses for pre-service teachers through rehearsals and performances of teaching moves, as well as field-based methods courses.  As part of my work on the project, I attended weekly class meetings and participated in instructional planning meetings for the course.  I developed and taught lessons about group work and collaboration in mathematics classrooms.  In addition, I collaborated to create scenarios for pre-service teachers to teach a small section of a lesson, for instance introducing a concept or giving an example of the procedure.  We provided pre-service teachers with iPad in class for them to videotape their teaching.  Pre-service teachers could go back and watch their video recordings and have discussions in their group about the different choices that different people made in the same scenario.  The courses for which I served as an assistant include the following:

  • Introduction to Teaching in a Diverse Society, Fall 2012
  • Teaching Diverse Middle Grades Students, Spring 2013


I taught several types of mathematics courses at the University of Illinois.   These courses ranged from small sections focused on group work, to online learning, to more traditional mathematics discussion sections.

The Merit Program


In the Merit program for mathematics, students participate in workshops twice per week, in addition to their large mathematics lectures.  Merit workshops can have up to 24 students.  During the Merit workshops, students work in groups of 4-5 on open-ended, conceptually based problems.  As a teaching assistant in the Merit program, I wrote problems and created activities for my students to work on during their workshop.  My role during the workshop was to ask questions, help students communicate with their peers, and provide students support as they worked on challenging problems.  I also wrote and administered mock exams for my students in preparation of each of their mid-terms.  I taught Merit workshop sections for two different mathematics courses at the University of Illinois:

  • Pre-Calculus, Fall 2011
  • Calculus I, Fall 2009, Spring 2010


NetMath Online Distance Learning Program

NetMath is an online distance learning program offered by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois.  Students taking Netmath courses earn University of Illinois credit.  Most of the work that students do in Netmath courses is based in Mathematica.  As a teaching assistant for Netmath, I mentored individual students as they worked through their mathematics courses.  I was the teaching assistant in charge of the Calculus I and Calculus II courses, so I graded hand-written assignments and exams for those courses, and I served as a resource for undergraduate NetMath mentors.  Everyone on the NetMath team contributes to all of the courses, but my primary teaching responsibilities were with the following courses:

  • Calculus I, Fall 2012, Spring and Summer 2013
  • Calculus II, Fall 2012, Spring and Summer 2013


Traditional Mathematics Discussion Sections

The Mathematics Department at the University of Illinois offers traditional discussion sections to accompany large mathematics lectures.   As a teaching assistant for these sections, my primary responsibilities were to meet with students on a twice-weekly basis to cover material that had been missed during the large lecture, provide examples, and answer questions.  I generally taught between 25-30 students per section in these courses. I taught the following courses:

  • Calculus I, Fall 2008
  • Calculus II, Spring 2009


Secondary Mathematics

As part of my teaching certification program, I student taught at Danville High School Illinois.  During that time I taught Algebra I and Pre-Calculus.